Lenny's copy center was founded in October of 2003 by Bob & Mary Lenaway.  We are a family run business committed o giving you a warm welcome, a wide variety of products, fair prices, and old fashioned friendly service. We offer a wide variety of office supplies, my wife likes to call us an office supply convenience store. Yes it's true unlike the mega office supply stores you can come in and buy one of something! Isn't it nice to know you can buy one envelope not a whole box, or a few file folders or pens not boxes of them.We offer so many things it's hard to believe that we can fit everything in our cozy store.Office Supplies, Printing, Engraving,Rubber Stamps, Laminating, Gift Items, Personalized Tee Shirts,Legal Forms, Desktop publishing, Notary Service, Faxing, Imprinted Merchandise, Printers, Business Machines, Tee Shirt Making Supplies, oh I almost forgot WE MAKE COPIES!!